The New York Times

The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded and continuously published in New York City since 1851. It has the most popular website of any American newspaper, receiving more than 30 million unique visitors per month. The New York Times is a unit of The New York Times Company — a leading global multimedia news and information company.

Circulation — 720 922
Readership — 2 632 000
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The Washington Post

The Washington Post is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and oldest extant in the area, founded in 1877. Located in the capital city of the United States, The Post has a particular emphasis on national politics.

Circulation — 417 727
Readership — 1 234 000
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The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is an American English-language international daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news. It is published in New York City by Dow Jones & Company, a division of News Corporation, along with the Asian and European editions of the Journal. The Journal is the largest newspaper in the United States, by circulation. It primarily covers American economic and international business topics, and financial news and issues.

Circulation — 643 000
Readership — 1 472 000
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Le Soir

Le Soir is the most popular French-language Berliner Format newspaper in Belgium. It is considered a newspaper of record and was founded in 1887 by Emile Rossel.

Circulation — 81 538
Readership — 451 000
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The Mainichi Shimbun

The Mainichi Shimbun is the oldest daily newspaper in Japan with a daily circulation of 3.5 million. It reaches all socioeconomic groups in Japan. It has a 140 year history and has 393 offices around the world. The paper has won numerous awards for printing excellence.

Circulation — 1 034 622
Readership — 2 000 000
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JoongAng Ilbo

JoongAng Ilbo is a newspaper published in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the «big three newspapers» in South Korea. The paper also publishes an English edition, Korea JoongAng Daily, in alliance with the International Herald Tribune.

Circulation — 1 300 000
Readership — 3 360 000
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Folha de S. Paulo

Folha de S. Paulo is a Brazilian daily newspaper founded in São Paulo in 1921. It has had the largest circulation of any Brazilian newspaper since 1986. Folha is considered one of the most influential newspapers in the country.

Circulation — 181 766
Readership — 1 119 000
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El Observador

El Observador is an Uruguayan daily broadsheet newspaper founded in 1991 and published in Montevideo. The newspaper covers a wide variety of topics: politics, economics, society, culture, etc. While the latest news is reported on the paper’s website,, more analytical materials can be found in the paper’s Saturday edition.

Circulation — 26 000
Readership — 78 000
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The Nation

The Nation is a broadsheet, English-language daily newspaper founded in 1971 and published in Bangkok, Thailand, and is owned by the Nation Multimedia Group.

Circulation — 68 200
Readership — 341 000
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The International New York Times

The International New York Times is an English language international newspaper. It combines the resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and is printed at 38 sites throughout the world, for sale in more than 160 countries and territories. Based in Paris since 1887, the newspaper is part of The New York Times Company. From 1967 it was published as the International Herald Tribune, but was renamed on October 15, 2013.

Circulation — 224 000
Readership — 449 232
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Tageblatt is a German language Luxembourgish daily newspaper published in Esch-sur-Alzette by Editpress. Tageblatt was established in 1913. The paper is the country’s second-most popular newspaper, behind the rival d’Wort. Although it is mainly published in German.

Circulation — 20 000
Readership — 45 100
Web-Site —


Nedeljnik (Serbian Cyrillic: Недељник) is a weekly newsmagazine published in Belgrade, Serbia. It's primary audience are urban and educated people. The magazine is famous for publishing interviews with the world leaders/influencers as well as the most influential Serbian politicians and intellectuals, leading people in business, culture and science.

Circulation — 20 000
Readership — 41 438
Web-Site —

Phuket Gazette

The Phuket Gazette is a weekly English-language newspaper published in Phuket, Thailand by The Phuket Gazette Co Ltd. The paper was established in 1993 With national distribution throughout Thailand, the newspaper is the largest English-language publication in or about Phuket, and ranks as the third largest newspaper in Thailand. The has an editorial partnership agreement with, The Nation.

Circulation — 5 000
Readership — 11 000
Web-Site —

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is a daily morning broadsheet newspaper distributed throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. It covers the UK’s daily news, sports, weather, arts, money, stocks and more.

Circulation — 549 921
Readership — 1 332 000
Web-Site —

Le Figaro

Le Figaro is a French daily newspaper founded in 1826 and published in Paris. Le Figaro is the second-largest national newspaper in France. It is one of the three French newspapers of record, along with social-liberal papers Le Monde and Libération, and is the oldest newspaper in France currently in existence. In 2010, created a section called Le Figaro in English, which provides the global English-speaking community with daily content from Le Figaro’s website.

Circulation — 317 000
Readership — 1 383 000
Web-Site —

La Repubblica

La Repubblica is an Italian daily general-interest newspaper founded in 1976 by journalist Eugenio Scalfari in Rome. As of 2008, it has the second-largest circulation of any Italian newspaper.

Circulation — 361 342
Readership — 2 836 000
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The Economic Times

The Economic Times is India’s largest (2nd largest globally) financial English language daily. It focuses on the Indian economy, international finance, share and commodity prices and finance. The newspaper belongs to The Times Group, the largest media and entertainment publishing house in India.

Circulation — 382 850
Readership — 450 000
Web-Site —

El País

El País is a leading Spanish national daily newspaper owned by the Spanish media conglomerate PRISA, currently controlled by Phoenix Group, one of the largest providers of insurance services in the UK. It has the largest circulation among non-sports newspapers in Spain, providing a lot of attention to international news.

Circulation — 292 227
Readership — 1 770 000
Web-Site —

La Nación

La Nación is an Argentine daily newspaper. It is the country’s leading conservative paper and the only newspaper in Argentina still published in broadsheet format.

Circulation — 156 970
Readership — 1 197 000
Web-Site —

The Global Times

The Global Times is a daily Chinese tabloid under the auspices of the People’s Daily newspaper, focusing on international issues. Although its parent is owned by the Communist Party of China, the tabloid’s opinion pieces are not necessarily indications of government policy. The Global Times differentiates itself from other Chinese newspapers in part through its more populist approach to journalism, coupled with a tendency to court controversy.

Circulation — 1 392 431
Readership — 3 780 000
Web-Site —

The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) is a daily broadsheet newspaper published by Fairfax Media in Sydney. Founded in 1831 as the Sydney Herald, the SMH is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the southern hemisphere.

Circulation — 217 059
Readership — 763 000
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The Age

The Age is a daily broadsheet newspaper which has been published in Melbourne, Australia, since 1854. Owned and published by Fairfax Media, The Age primarily serves Victoria but is also available for purchase in Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and border regions of South Australia and southern New South Wales. It is delivered in both hardcopy and online formats. The newspaper shares many articles with other Fairfax Media metropolitan daily newspapers, such as The Sydney Morning Herald.

Circulation — 197 027
Readership — 755 000
Web-Site —


Geopolitika is an independent analytical magazine which comments on important political and social issues and conducts its own geopolitical and strategic research. The magazine publishes reviews and interviews with well known figures and experts from Serbia and around the world.

Circulation — 18 000
Readership — 18 926
Web-Site —

Nova Makedonija

Nova Makedonija is the oldest daily newspaper in the Republic of Macedonia. It was established with decision of the presidium of ASNOM. The first edition came out on 29 October 1944, in Gorno Vranovci, and constitutes the first document written after the codification of Standard Makedonian

Circulation — 10 000
Readership — 60 000
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Handelsblatt is the leading business and finance newspaper for decision makers in Germany. The newspaper is renowned for its topicality, reliability and objectivity. With its solid reports on future trends and new technologies, Handelsblatt delivers crucial insights for successful engagement in today’s constantly changing business environment.

Circulation — 130 000
Readership — 475 000
Web-Site —

El Peruano

Diario Oficial El Peruano (English: The Peruvian Official Daily) is the official daily newspaper of Peru. The paper was founded on October 22, 1825 by Simón Bolívar, making it the oldest newspaper still in existence in Latin America. In addition to carrying news, all laws passed in Peru must be published by El Peruano.

Circulation — 12 000
Readership — 12 000
Web-Site —

Le Jeudi

Le Jeudi is a French-language weekly newspaper published in Luxembourg published in Esch-sur-Alzette by Editpress. Le Jeudi was established in 1997.

Circulation — 12 000
Readership — 30 000
Web-Site —

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