President Vladimir Putin has tasked the Federal Security Service (FSB) with "acting systemically and offensively', particularly to combat cyber crimes.

"One should continue acting systemically and offensively, including such directions as counterintelligence, the protection of strategic infrastructure, combating crimes in the economy and in the cyber space," he said at a Friday ceremony in the Kremlin that presented high-ranking officers taking new positions or receiving new military ranks.

He also stressed the need "to increase the effectiveness of operational cover of the most complex sections of the state border."

Putin drew attention to the fact that the operational and analytical potential of the Foreign Intelligence Service has grown noticeably lately and called "for using it for analyzing current threats as well as for long-term forecasting of the developments in the world."

He described as priority directions of law enforcement bodies and special services "the protection of the rights and liberties of citizens, resistance to terrorism and extremism, crime and corruption."

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