An eye in the sky: Aerial cameras and warfare

An eye in the sky: Aerial cameras and warfare

September 22, 2014 Alexander Korolkov, special to RBTH

Russian photographers and engineers were at the forefront of developing cameras that allowed the photographing of troop movements and terrain from above


Novgorod: Archeologists find rare Byzantine coin

August 5, 2014 Interfax

Archeologists have found a rare coin at excavation in Veliky Novgorod - the coin of Byzantine Emperor Romanos I and Co-Emperor Constantine VII "the Purple-born," corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director of the Archeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Gaidukov told Interfax

Discovering a shared history

Discovering a shared history

June 15, 2014 Catherine Trainor, special to RBTH

Kashaya Indians explore their unique ties with Russia through visits

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