After mass protests took Egypt by storm, the army ousted its Islamist president Mohammed Morsi from power, temporarily suspended the constitution and requested Adly Mansour, President of the Constitutional Court, to serve as head of state for a transitional period.

Meanwhile, news of a massacre of Morsi loyalists seem to foreshadow more violent outbreaks in the near future. As the Muslim Brotherhood and the international media denounce the takeover as a “military coup”, President Vladimir Putin warns that Egypt could be heading for civil war.

According to the plan of the military, the next step for the country would be the establishment of a transitional government - but what is really in store for Egypt?

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Oleg Fomichev

Against the background of the political showdown in Egypt and its President Mohamed Morsi’s resignation, RBTH offers a selection of expert opinions from Russian observers on the future of the largest country in the Middle East

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