Twenty years after legalizing homosexuality, the Russian parliament recently drafted a bill to ban gay propaganda. In a largely homophobic society, the anti-gay motion is driving a wedge between the pro-government grassroots and government critics. Learn more about the current state of LGTB in Russia with RBTH.

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Ulyanovsk prosecutors check children's books for gay propaganda

The Ulyanovsk regional science library named after Lenin has asked the regional education ministry to check whether a series of books received by the library's Tolerance Center under the children's project of author Lyudmila Ulitskaya contain gay propaganda

Sochi: Myths and reality

Gevorg Mirzayan

Contrary to popular belief, foreign visitors to the Olympic Games have no need to fear terrorism, weather and the persecution of gays and lesbians

Russia's largest gay club asks Putin for protection

Anastasia Vityazeva

After several attacks against a well-known Moscow gay club, its owner has accused the landlord of trying to evict him by attacking club clients and shutting off the power and water. The club now seeks the Kremlin’s help

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