Meteor shower in the Russia's Sverdlovsk region smashed windows in several houses and injured more than 1000 people, according to reports from Russia's media. This accident brought about discussions among both pundits and Russian officials about the size of the metiorite as well as the difficulties encountered in predicting such events.

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Moscow envisions national asteroid-defense system

RIA Novosti

New rocket launchers and super telescopes will help protect Russia from asteroids and comets, and a new national program to combat extraterrestrial threats could appear in Russia by late 2013

Chelyabinsk meteorite: Mystery revealed

Alexander Panov

A month after the meteorite crash near the city of Chelyabinsk created a stir — both literally and figuratively — Russian scientists have calculated its weight and age and determined its main components and origin

Russian Space Agency to set up asteroid defense center

Roscosmos, the Defense Ministry and the Russian Academy of Sciences are pooling efforts to set up a center for deterring threats from the outer space, Roscosmos head Vladimir Popovkin said at a Federation Council roundtable on the asteroid hazard

Meteorite falls on fertile soil of modern phobias

Vladimir Tikhomirov, Sergei Melnikov, Kirill Zhurenkov

The Chelyabinsk meteorite not only caused millions in damage and injured over a thousand of people, but it also awoke a new phobia in people’s minds

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