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Classy hand-made ideas tested by Russians

Russians are keen on creative reusing. In Soviet times and the early 90s it was a question of scarcity and cost-cutting. Nowadays it is about creativity first and foremost.
By Alexey Mosko

While the Western world is crazy about recycling and sustainable development, ecological awareness is still in its infancy in Russia.

Given that the country's waste deposit area in 2014 exceeded the area of the Netherlands or Switzerland, some people want to curtail the build-up of waste and have come up with some creative solutions for prolonging the life of everyday objects.

Some of the ideas stem from the lean Soviet years, while others emerged more recently. RBTH scanned the Runet and collected these recycling tips.

Move the cursor over ( or tap) the picture, click (or tap) pins to explore the works.

Image: Dmitry Divin

November 19, 2015
Tags: lifestyle

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