Divers have finished examining the bottom of Lake Chebarkul in the Chelyabinsk region, where pieces of a meteoroid presumably fell on Friday, but have found nothing, the Emergency Situations Ministry's department for the Chelyabinsk region told Interfax.

"The examination has been completed, and no pieces have been found," it said.

Emergency Situations Ministry spokesperson Irina Rossius told journalists later on Saturday that the divers found no traces of the meteorite in the lake.

"Emergency Situations Ministry divers finished examining the water area and found no traces of the meteorite," Rossius said.

A number of media outlets reported earlier that some of the meteoroid's fragments had fallen into Lake Chebarkul.

It was reported earlier that a team of six divers planned to examine the lake for four hours.

The meteoroid that fell over the Chelyabinsk region on Friday had disintegrated in the atmosphere into several dozens of relatively large fragments.

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