The Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk is building seven multipurpose nuclear-powered Yasen-class (Project 885) submarines, the shipyard's chief executive said on Saturday.

"The first of them, Severodvinsk, is due to be put in service in our navy on December 25," General Director Mikhail Budnichenko told Interfax during the sixth annual International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg.

"We are to hand over seven submarines of the project to the navy by 2020. The first vessel of the series, Severodvinsk, is still undergoing sea trials. They have been going on for over two years now, it's a very big trial program, the vessel still has 119 days to spend in the sea. It has already had one voyage this year, one of 25 days. The work is strictly following the schedule. The vessel has clocked up quite a large amount of sailing time, and so we don't expect any major failures. So we hope we'll show up for the state acceptance trials in time. And we've got to hand over one submarine to our navy on December 25 as well," Budnichenko said.

The next Yasen submarine, Novosibirsk, is due to be laid down on July 26, he said.

"Under the terms of the contract, it will be commissioned in 2015. Everything in the series is going according to plan. The shipyard, the designer and others it cooperates with are making every effort to meet the contractual deadline," Budnichenko said.

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