The Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will be forced to make customs procedures more severe for Ukraine and may withdraw from a free trade area with the country if Kiev signs an agreement on association and a free trade area with the European Union, Russian presidential advisor Sergei Glazyev has said.

"The matter of ending the free trade relations with Ukraine may be raised, the Eurasian Economic Commission is already studying this issue," Glazyev said in an interview with the Vesti newspaper.

According to him, the union will need to tighten customs procedures to avoid the re-importation of European goods through Ukraine.

"We will have to tighten the system of veterinary and sanitary control, due to Ukraine switching to European standards," the Russian president's adviser said.

"Many projects that we have planned together with our Ukrainian partners, including those in nuclear energy, the defense industry, the rocket and space industry, and the aviation industry will be reviewed in terms of reducing them, as Ukraine is taking on too strict obligations in its compliance with European technical regulations and European defense and foreign policy," Glazyev said.

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