Russia fully implements its obligations to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile, the federal department for chemical weapons secure storage and destruction told Interfax-AVN.

"The team can be rightfully proud with the high results, as of August 22, 2013, over 76 percent chemical weapons stockpile or 30,500 tonnes out of 40,000 we had from the Cold War of the entire chemical weapons arsenal of Russia have been destroyed safely," department head, Col. Gen. Valery Kapashin said.

No a single case of leakage of poisonous substance or its destruction products happened and not a single accident took place throughout the existence of the federal department for chemical weapons secure storage and destruction, which celebrates the 21st anniversary of its foundation on Thursday.

Six facilities to destroy chemical weapons have been built in Russia, Kapashin said. Two of them, in the village of Gorny in the Saratov region and in the town of Kambarka in Udmurtia, have completed their work. The plants are currently being taken out service and turned into harmless productions and will provide locals with jobs.

"As of August 22, 98 percent poisonous substances have been destroyed at the facility in the village of Mirny [the Kirov region], 84 percent - in the town of Schuchye [Kurgan region], over 99 percent - in the village of Leonidovka [Penza region] and over 63 percent - in the town of Pochep [Bryansk region] have been destroyed. The construction of the last facility in the village of Kizner [Udmurtia] to be built in the framework of the federal program is being completed," Kapashin said.

A total of 404 residential houses; 20 children's general education institutions; three houses of culture; three bath houses; three local police precincts; seven power stations; 14 hospitals; one water sports palace; three sports centers; two solid domestic waste landfills; one water-intake facility; 11 boiler stations; 10.5 km power lines; 175.6 km water supply lines; 29.9 km heating lines; 416.5 km gas supply networks and 144.4 km roads have been built and put in service and 43.4 km streets have been landscaped to develop the regions while the program was implemented, Kapashin said.

The federal department for chemical weapons secure storage and destruction is the main executor of the presidential federal program for the destruction of chemical weapons stockpile in Russia.

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