Russia still expects The Netherlands to reprimand the officials involved in the incident with Russian Embassy in The Hague Minister Counselor Dmitry Borodin, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"Russia has obstinately declared that is waiting for new steps to be taken, including the reprimand of Dutch officials responsible for the violations of international legal norms acknowledged by the Netherlands," says a report posted on the ministry's website.

Dutch Ambassador in Moscow Ron van Dartel visited the Russian Foreign Ministry's 1st European department on October 11 to present a copy of the note that the Dutch Foreign Ministry handed over to the Russian ambassador in The Hague on Thursday.

"It [the note] admitted that the arrest and detention of the Russian diplomat, who enjoys diplomatic immunity, was a violation of the commitments undertaken by the Kingdom of The Netherlands under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. The Kingdom of The Netherlands presented its apologies to the Russian Federation in this connection," the report said.

"The note expressed the wish for the continuation of close contacts with the purpose of the fully clarifying what occurred in the spirit of mutual cooperation," the ministry said.

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