The water level in the Neva River is 75 centimeters higher than usual due to the approach of St. Jude's storm.

The ship and water gates of the dam in the Gulf of Finland were closed, and the water level rose by 75 centimeters in the Mining Institute hydro-post area as of 11 a.m., the city emergency situations department said on Tuesday.

The dam administration told Interfax that the gates would stay closed until 7 p.m. There is no shipping through the dam either.

St. Petersburg is flooded when the river waters stand at 160 centimeters above zero on the Kronstadt sea gauge. The city has had over 300 floods in its history, the largest of which occurred in 1824 when the water levels climbed to the 421-centimeter mark.

The dam gates were closed due to bad weather forecasts. St. Jude's storm hammered southern areas of the UK and the Atlantic coast of continental Europe on Monday. High winds may hit the majority of regions in northwestern Russia on Tuesday.

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