Citizens of countries that do not have bilateral adoption agreements with Russia will not be allowed to adopt Russian children, Pavel Astakhov, Russian children's rights commissioner, told Interfax.

"It is not our fault. You [foreign partners] should work harder if you want international adoption to continue. Our priorities differ from yours. We generally prioritize the adoption of children inside the country," he said.

Today Russia has a bilateral adoption agreement only with Italy, while France has not finalized the ratification procedures for a similar document so far, he said.

"It turns out that Italy is currently the only country whose citizens are able to adopt Russian children because, first of all, this country refused to recognize same-sex marriage, which, for its part, does not require Russia to change the existing agreement, and, secondly, they [the Italians] abide by the terms of this treaty. That is all," Astakhov said.

Russia banned the adoption of Russian children by citizens of countries where same-sex marriage is permitted.

Apart from that, Americans were banned from adopting children from Russia under the so-called Dima Yakovlev law.

"Indeed, so far we have not banned citizens of countries other than the United States from adopting our children. But we have not encountered the same problems with any other country as with America. Adopted Russian children have died only in America. American-style instances of pedophilia, violence and abuse have not been reported in any other country. It is a fact," Astakhov said.

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