All foreign activists from the Greenpeace icebreaker Arctic Sunrise who have been released on bail by court are still in St. Petersburg, Sergei Golubok, a lawyer for the environmentalists, told Interfax on Monday.

"They were summoned for investigative actions last week and they were invited this week too," the source said.

The activists and their lawyers have no doubt that the foreigners will be allowed to return to their homelands, he said.

Thirty crewmembers of the Arctic Sunrise vessel were detained on September 19 after an attempted protest against oil extraction in the Pechora Sea. They were taken to Murmansk, where each of them was sentenced to two months in custody. On November 12 they were moved to detention facilities in St. Petersburg.

Activists were released on 2 million ruble ($60,500) bail each.

The Russian authorities said the environmentalists have a right to freedom of movement, including to leave Russia after all legal issues have been settled.

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