The number of protesters in Kyiv's Independence Square is gradually increasing.

An Interfax correspondent reports that in the past few hours the number of people in Ukraine's main square has increased but not very significantly so far.

Several thousand people remain in the square. They are concentrated mainly near the stage standing near the entrance of the central post office and in traffic area of Khreshchatyk Street.

Deputies, activists and coordinators speak from the stage from time to time. Music and the latest news in Ukraine are broadcasted for the people in the square. Several tents stand behind the stage.

The streets leading to the square are blocked with metal fences, sheets of wood and other objects. Activists are on duty near the barricades.

Columns are formed in the square from time to time that proceed to the government house where they replace the activists standing there.

On the whole, the situation is calm. Occasionally people chant slogans calling for the ousting of the incumbent Ukrainian leadership and holding the leadership of the Interior Ministry and officers responsible for the violence in EuroMaidan on November 30.

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