President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree introducing additional sanctions on North Korea in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 2094 of March 7 2013.

The decree says that restrictions have been imposed on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea where a nuclear test was carried out, in line with the Federal Law on Special Economic Measures.

The decree bans "direct or indirect deliveries, sale, or transfer through Russian territory, or by Russian citizens, or with the use of Russian-flagged ships, or aircraft, of any products to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or by North Korean citizens, or by private individuals or legal entities acting on their behalf, irrespective of the products' origin, if the Russian Federation comes to the decision that such products may facilitate the implementation of the DPRK's nuclear, or ballistic missile programs."

The decree also says that, "cargo originating from the DPRK or intended for the DPRK, that is located in the Russian Federation or being transited through Russian territory shall be inspected, if the Russian Federation obtains information providing sufficient reasons to believe that the cargo include products, whose deliveries, sales and transfer are banned" in accordance with presidential decrees.

The decree says that aircraft shall be denied takeoff from Russian territory, or landing in Russia, or flyover across Russia, if Russia "possesses information providing sensible reasons to believe that there are products aboard, whose delivery, sale and transfer are banned" by presidential decrees. The restrictions shall not apply to emergency landings.

The decree also bans the extension of financial services by citizens, persons and organizations that may facilitate the implementation of the DPRK's nuclear program, or ballistic missile program.

"All financial and other assets and resources which, being linked to such programs or activities, are or will be located on Russian territory, or be under Russia's jurisdiction, shall be frozen."

The decree bans the opening of North Korean banks' subsidiaries, branches and representative offices. The North Korean banks have been prohibited from setting up new joint ventures, to become their shareholders, to establish correspondent relations with banks that are under the jurisdiction of Russia, in order to prevent the extension of financial services that can facilitate the implementation of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

A supplement to the decree lists individuals and legal entities that are or were engaged in implementing the DPRK's nuclear and missile programs, to which these sanctions apply.

The decree was posted on the database of new regulatory acts and goes into effect the day it is signed.

It is addressed to "all state establishments, industrial, trade, financial, transport and other companies, banks, organizations and other legal entities and individuals that come under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation."

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