Moscow's Meshchansky Court has sentenced Bolshoi Theatre ballet dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko to six years in prison for organizing an attack on Bolshoi choreographer Sergei Filin, an Interfax correspondent reported.

Dmitrichenko will serve his term in a high-security prison.

Driver Andrei Lipatov, charged with complicity in the attack, will spend four years in a high-security prison.

Yury Zarutsky, the person who carried out the acid attack against Filin, will go to a high-security prison for ten years, according to the verdict, read out by Judge Yelena Maximova.

Earlier on Tuesday, the court ordered that Filin be paid 3.5 million rubles ($105,600) in damages, the sum Filin had been demanding from the defendants Dmitrichenko, Zarutsky and Andrei Lipatov.

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