Russian diplomat Dmitry Borodin has resigned from his mission to the Netherlands at his own request, the Russian Foreign Ministry information and press department reported.

"The mission of Minister Counselor of the Russian Embassy to the Netherlands Dmitry Borodin is actually over by his request. The decision derived from the atmosphere that had formed around him and his family in the country of their stay due to known circumstances," a department spokesman told Interfax on Tuesday.

The spokesman said the Russian diplomat had returned to Moscow. "He will continue to work for the Russian Foreign Ministry after his vacation," he stressed.

Dutch policemen forcibly entered the apartment of Russian Minister-Counselor to the Netherlands Dmitry Borodin in The Hague on October 7. They subdued him and took him to a police station, where he was held for several hours, practically until dawn. In addition, a report alleged that the children in Borodin's family had been mistreated.

The Russian Foreign Ministry forwarded a formal protest to the Dutch side. The Netherlands presented official apologies to Russia for the breach of international law but refused to reprimand the police officers who detained the Russian diplomat.

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