Former Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov was questioned on Tuesday regarding the case on negligence and did not admit his guilt and refused to testify, Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin told Interfax.

"Serdyukov did not admit his guilt during questioning and refused to testify having referred to the Constitutional Article 51," Markin said.

"Travel restrictions have been imposed on Serdyukov," the spokesman said.

The former minister will soon be charged and the qualification of the charge will be specified, Markin said.

Russian Investigative Committee spokesman said last week that negligence charges had been brought against Serdyukov. "According to the detectives, Serdyukov, the then defense minister, gave a spoken order to his subordinates to build a motorway from the village of Krasa in the Ikryaninsky district of the Astrakhan region to the Shkolny Island, the location of the Zhitnoye non-profit partnership, at the expense of the Russian Defense Ministry's budget," he said.

He said the Russian Investigative Committee's Main Military Investigative Department opened the criminal case under Part 1, 293 of the Russian Criminal Code (negligence).

"Serdyukov explained his order with the alleged wish to open a holiday hotel for the Defense Ministry's needs. The former minister also ordered the development of Zhitnoye's infrastructure," Markin said. He said that the damage sustained by the country from the former defense minister's actions exceeded 56 million rubles.

Markin told the Life News channel on November 29 that Serdyukov would be indicted within ten days and that the charges might be more serious.

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