Almost 80 percent of the funds allocated for the preparations for the Sochi Olympics have been spent on city infrastructure, Russian presidential property manager Vladimir Kozhin said.

"Only 15-20 percent of the funds are spent on projects related to the Olympics, the rest is spent on infrastructure, which did not exist at all," Kozhin said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper published on Thursday.

Thanks to the upcoming Olympic Games, Russia has received "not just a number of absolutely new modern sport facilities but an absolutely new city with modern infrastructure," Kozhin said.

"Some problems probably do still remain. But I think that everyone that will come will appreciate the work done because I do not remember such a venue for the Olympics in terms of comfort and accessibility of sports facilities," the official said.

"The central part of Sochi is unrecognizable. The level of hotels and services is utterly different. Moral and psychological turnaround is happening in the consciousness of our people - that Turkey and Egypt are nice but home is better. It is abroad there and we are always merely guests there. If it is even better at home, people will always rethink where to go," Kozhin said.

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