Ukrainian police have stepped up security measures at the TV center in Kyiv in light of the protesters' reported intentions to block its operations.

The Kyiv city police department told Interfax on Saturday that proposals on "seizing" the TV center were heard among demonstrators rallying near the Shevchenkivsky District Court building on Friday, when the court was deciding on arresting Andriy Dzyndzya, an activist and journalist of the non-governmental organization and newspaper Road Control, and two other participants in the December 1 riots on Bankova Street.

"In light of certain demonstrators' intention to march toward the TV tower and blockade it, police have also increased security of the TV center," it said.

The Ukrainian TV channel UT-1 is currently conducting the TV marathon Open Studio, to which various government ministers have been invited. Environment Protection Minister Oleh Proskuryakov was first to speak.

The TV center in Kyiv is located somewhat away from the city center.

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