Moscow affirms a steady trend of Russo-British normalization and emphasizes that both countries are against any negative impact that political fluctuations might have on their relationship.

"The outgoing year has offered us a wonderful opportunity to make sure that the normalization of the bilateral political dialogue acquired the parameters of a steady trend. Our relations are sustainable and dynamic and they are headed in the right direction [to meet] the mutual interests of Russia and the United Kingdom and those of our citizens," Russian Ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko said in article he wrote specifically for Interfax in order to sum up results of this year in Russo-British relations.

"Most importantly, we share a philosophy [that suggests] that energetic and multisided diplomacy should be accompanied by the construction of a stable relationship immune to the immediate political situation," Yakovenko stressed.

The Russia-UK Year of Culture will take place in 2014. "Preparations for this project have entered into the final stage. More than 250 events have been planned," he said.

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