A Saudi analyst has argued that the conflict in Syria has been a source of an information war between Russia and the West from the moment it broke out, and that the West has won this war.

"Unfortunately, the United States and Western countries have won the information confrontation over the Syrian crisis, and because of this they have been able to bring people's minds across the world under their influence. Because of its information defeat, Russia has largely forfeited its positions in Arab society, which has failed to understand its point of view," Majeed bin Abdulaziz al-Turki said at a seminar in Moscow on Monday entitled "Russian-Saudi Relations and the Crisis in Syria."

"The situation in Syria is different from what has happened in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, or Yemen," he said. "Developments in Syria have followed a different scenario because Russia appears to have ceased to trust resolutions of the UN Security Council."

"At emotional levels, public opinion in Arab countries has tilted toward the position of the United States, but, in actual fact, Russia has held a more moderate position, one that hasn't involved demands for great changes," Turki said.

"Today there are two players that are trying to bring the situation in Syria under their influence - Iran and Israel," he said.

At the same time, Russia and Saudi Arabia would be able to reach some kind of agreement that "could help settle the Syrian crisis, especially in view of confidence between the leaders of the two countries and certain vacillations on the part of the United States," the analyst said.

"Even if such an agreement failed to solve the Syrian problem, it would help strengthen confidence in our relations," he said.

"No settlement in Syria will be viable without the participation of Saudi Arabia," and "Saudi Arabia will be the key player in any kind" of viable settlement in Syria, Turki said.

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