The Russian State Duma will pass the draft resolution on an amnesty before the end of 2013, head of the State Duma committee on legislation Pavel Krashennikov said.

"We will pass [it] by the end of the year. This document will come into effect when it is published in either the Parlamentskaya Gazeta [Parliamentary Newspaper] or Rossiyskaya Gazeta [Russian Newspaper], depending which one will publish it first," Krashennikov told Interfax on Tuesday.

On December 16 the committee will consider the draft resolution on the amnesty, submitted by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the State Duma on December 9, Krashennikov said. The State Duma will consider it on December 17, he said.

It is still unknown whether the document will be amended or how many readings in the State Duma it will require, Krashennikov said.

The Kremlin press office reported on December 9 that Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted to the State Duma draft resolutions declaring an amnesty due the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution.

According to the explanatory note, the draft resolutions stipulate that less socially protected categories of convicts, suspects, those accused of committing crimes and individuals, who have certain merits for Russia, will be released from serving time and relieved of criminal liability.

The above-mentioned categories include individuals who committed crimes while still underage; women, who have small children; pregnant women; women over 55 and men over 60; people with 1st and 2nd-group disabilities; people, who were involved in liquidating the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster; servicemen and employees of the Russian law enforcement and penal systems, who participated in battles or operations to protect their homeland.

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