About 15 experts, who were preparing an independent study on the verdict returned over the "second Khodorkovsky case," are suspects in the so-called "third Khodorkovsky case," source familiar with the matter told Interfax.

"These are lawyers, legal experts and economists, who participated in a public expert study on the 'second Khodorkovsky case'," a source told Interfax on Wednesday.

Searches and seizures were carried out at their apartments and offices, the source said.

"Materials, showing that the work of these experts was paid for from funds stolen and laundered abroad by the former Yukos executives, have been received," the source said.

"Investigators are currently specifying the scheme of money laundering and bribing of experts with the purpose of changing the law in favor of [former Yukos CEO] Mikhail Khodorkovsky," the source said.

It has been reported that several experts, who participated in preparing a study for the presidential Human Rights Council on the 'second Yukos case,' were summoned to the Russian Investigative Committee in 2013. One of the experts, former rector of the New Economic School Sergei Guriyev left Russia fearing prosecution of law enforcement authorities.

Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Zvyagintsev said in an interview with Interfax last week that new criminal cases, in which Khodorkovsky was involved, were being investigated.

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