Muscovites have been drinking more wine and less strong alcohol in the past decade, Moscow city trade and services department Alexei Nemeryuk said.

"The consumption of strong alcohol, including vodka, has dipped by more than 20 percent in the past ten years. Muscovites are drinking more wine, they are switching from stronger alcohol to dignified drinks," Nemeryuk told a press conference on Wednesday.

A decline in the consumption of beer is expected in 2013 because of the ban on selling beer at night and at street kiosks, the official said.

"An average Muscovite annually consumes about ten liters of grape and fruit wine, approximately 16.5 liters of vodka, about two liters of brandy and 90 liters of beer," Nemeryuk said.

Muscovites consumed 43 million deciliters of wine and strong alcohol and 131 million deciliters of beer last year, he added.

"There is a trend of lesser alcohol consumption," the department head noted.

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