A St. Petersburg court has upheld the lawsuit filed by the prosecutor's office to list the Memorial antidiscrimination center as a foreign agent, human rights activists said.

The Memorial antidiscrimination center is a branch one the Memorial historical, enlightening and human rights society, one of the leading human rights non-governmental organizations in Russia.

The Memorial antidiscrimination center operates in St. Petersburg and is involved in particular in issues of overcoming racism, discrimination and intolerance.

"The court has fully upheld all the demands of the plaintiff, the prosecutor's office, having recognized the all activities of the Memorial antidiscrimination center as ones of a foreign agents and obliged it to file a statement to be listed in a relevant registry on the Justice Ministry and to register the emblem," Memorial told Interfax on Thursday.

The merits of the lawsuit filed by the prosecutor's office regarding the Memorial anti-discrimination center have been considered in the Leninsky district court of St. Petersburg.

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