The Sukhoi aircraft manufacturing company is about to start a new stage of tests of the Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation (PAK FA), known also as the T-50 or the fifth-generation fighter, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) President Mikhail Pogosian said in an interview published in the Thursday issue of Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

"The work is proceeding according to plan. We want to complete the preliminary tests this year, start state trials next year and finish their first phase in 2015," Pogosian said.

"The T-50's serial shipments to the Russian Air Force will begin in 2016," he said.

"Simultaneously, we are holding negotiations with our Indian partners on switching in our joint fifth generation fighter project to the research and development phase, which is very important for the joint program's further development," Pogosian said.

The PAK FA's maiden flight took place in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where Sukhoi has an aircraft manufacturing plant, on January 29, 2010.

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