Ukraine will sign agreements on the elimination of the majority of trade contradictions with Russia in Moscow on Tuesday, December 17.

"A visit to Moscow is planned for Tuesday [December 17] so that we can sign agreements eliminating the majority of contradictions in trade with the Russian Federation at the presidential level," Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said while meeting with representatives of Ukraine's industry on Friday.

Azarov said the agreements expected to be signed in Moscow eliminate contradictions in several issues, including customs issues and standardization issues.

A Russian-Ukrainian interstate commission will meet in Moscow on December 17.

"There are major programs which the presidents will be negotiating in the shipbuilding and aircraft building sectors and a lot of other programs," Azarov said.

"We realize the importance of the Russian Federation's market for the Ukrainian economy," Azarov said.

At the same time, "A number of positions have been formulated in negotiations with the European Union," Azarov said. "We have not interrupted the negotiating process with the European Union even for a minute," he said.

The government considers it necessary to engage representatives of major Ukrainian industrial enterprises in the negotiations "so that the association [agreement] should be discussed from the viewpoint of our economic interests," he said.

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