The U.S. rock band Metallica, which performed at the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini on December 8, has visited Russia's Bellingshausen station.

The Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and. Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute press service said on Thursday that Russian polar explorers were amongst the viewers of the concert at the Argentine base. The musicians accepted the invitation to visit the Russian station after the concert.

Details of the visit are not available.

The institute said also that the Academician Fyodorov research vessel was on its way to the Progress station with members of the 59th Russian Antarctic expedition aboard.

"The captain expects to reach the Progress station on December 17," the press service said.

Earlier reports said that ten winners of a contest who arrived in Antarctica by a cruise ship attended the December 8 concert of Metallica, which was aired online.

The performance was given under a special protective dome in the vicinity of the science base, and the audience listened to the music via headphones in order not to disturb the local fauna.

Only one rock band had performed in that exotic location, Antarctica, before Metallica. The Nunatak band of British scientists played for 17 viewers at the Rothera science base in 2007.

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