The Russian Armed Forces General Staff is bound to draw up a document regulating the deployment of military units in the Arctic by the middle of next week, Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu said on Monday.

"The General Staff shall draw up a directive concerning the development of the military infrastructure and the deployment of military units in the Arctic before December 25, 2013," he said at a teleconference with the Russian Armed Forces commanders.

The teleconference was devoted to the fulfillment of Russian President Vladimir Putin's instructions made in his address to the Federal Assembly.

The minister also ordered that the cohesion of the existent and prospective reconnaissance, control and target assignment means with the framework of the new National Defense Center be provided for in the course of the formation of a single reconnaissance and information space in the Armed Forces.

"To prepare before December 30, 2013, a roadmap of military training of university students with the purpose of the provision of the Russian Armed Forces with mobilization resources trained in military occupational specialties and to set up an interdepartmental working group to carry out [the roadmap]," the minister said.

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