The first Iskander-M tactical missile battery was delivered to the Southern Military District on Tuesday, an Interfax-AVN correspondent reported from the location.

Russian First Deputy Defense Minister General of the Army Arkady Bakhin, Southern Military District Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Galkin, Krasnodar officials, servicemen and veterans welcomed the train, which delivered the missile launchers.

"This is the second missile battery delivered to the Army by the [defense] industry," Bakhin said.

Another two Iskander-M batteries will be supplied to the district missile brigade within a few months, he said.

Rearmament tasks 2014 were spelled out at a recent meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry Board, the general said. "Another two missile brigades will be armed with Iskander-M systems in 2014," he said.

Brigade servicemen have been trained to operate the new systems at the Kapustin Yar training range in the Astrakhan region. Missile fire exercises were the climax of training.

Iskander is a product of the Machine Building Design Bureau in Kolomna, Moscow region, existing in two modifications, Iskander-M for the Russian Armed Forces and Iskander-E for foreign clients. The export modification slightly differs from the system built for the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Iskander-E missile has a takeoff weight of 3,800 kilograms and a payload of 480 kilograms. It has a high firing rate, destroys targets at a distance of up to 28 kilometers and shoots two different targets at a time interval of one minute. The missile's trajectory is non-ballistic, which makes it hard for the enemy to forecast. The missile is guided all through the period of its flight.

In addition to the launcher and two missiles, an Iskander-E complex contains a transporter-erector carrying another two missiles, a maintenance vehicle, a command and staff vehicle, a data processing center, an arsenal hardware set and even training aids.

The deployment of Iskander systems in the Kaliningrad region was reported on Monday and caused concern in the Baltic republics, Poland, the EU and the United States.

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