The State Duma has passed in the second reading the presidential amnesty bill dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian constitution.

The document frees from serving one's punishment and bearing criminal liability convicts with socially disadvantaged backgrounds, certain categories of suspected offenders and defendants, and persons who have merits to their homeland, Russia.

The third reading of the draft is scheduled for Wednesday.

The State Duma has also passed in the second reading a related draft resolution to define the amnesty enforcement procedure.

State Duma Legislation Committee head Pavel Krasheninnikov proposed an amendment, which denied amnesty to convicts repeatedly violating punishment regulations.

The committee head proposed to define as fragrant rule breakers the inmates who were moved to a discipline or punitive confinement unit on two or more occasions in the period from September 1, 2012, through September 1, 2013, if those punishments were outstanding.

Presidential Representative to the State Duma Garri Minkh did not support the amendment and it was voted down.

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