The Russian Navy's seaborne strategic nuclear forces are ready to be used as intended, Navy Deputy Commander Vice-Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov said at the Maritime Board's meeting on Friday.

"The seaborne strategic nuclear forces were accomplishing active service missions in the reporting period: they were on combat alert duty at their bases and on patrolling routes and prepared to strike against designated targets," Fedotenkov said in his report on the Navy's provision of maritime security in World Ocean zones significant for Russia from 2010 through the present day.

The composition of the naval groups was consistent with the norms, Vice-Admiral Fedotenkov said.

Seeking to neutralize threats to Russia's national interests and military service coming from the oceanic zones, general-purpose forces of the Russian Navy accomplished 175 voyages, which involved over 150 warships and support vessels, in the three reporting years. Russian ships paid 210 visits to foreign ports in the same period.

The number of maritime exercises held jointly with foreign navies has doubled in the past three years, from eight in 2010 to 14 in 2013.

In the opinion of Fedotenkov, this is proof of intensification of the operative use of the Russian Navy in the provision of Russia's maritime security in various areas of the World Ocean.

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