Famous arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov died in Izhevsk at the age of 94, head of the Udmurtia presidential and governmental press office Viktor Chulkov posted in a social network on Monday.

"Today on December 23 sad news came - outstanding arms designer Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov has died at the age of 94 following a serious extended disease," Chulkov said.

A solid future for the Kalashnikov

The AK-74, in all its variants, has long since become a national Russian brand along the lines of vodka, Yury Gagarin and the Kremlin. The Kalashnikov is, indeed, a unique assault rifle, the most reliable in the world. It can endure any weather conditions in any environment, be it dust, swamp, or sand; its barrel can be cleaned simply buy washing it under flowing water; even illiterate people can learn how to fire, disassemble and assemble, or fix it on the spot. It is no coincidence that the “Kalash” is particularly popular in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, especially among insurgent or guerilla groups. It’s very easy to grab, attach a loaded magazine and start firing.  Read more>>>

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