The putting into service of Borei-class strategic nuclear-powered missile submarines will beef up the defense capacities of Russia, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during his visit to the Severodvinsk Sevmash shipyards on Monday. The certificate acknowledging the transfer of the Alexander Nevsky submarine to the Navy was signed at Sevmash earlier in the day.

"Missile submarines of this class will be the core of the Russian seaborne strategic nuclear forces for the next few decades," the defense minister said.

Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov reported to the minister earlier that the certificate of acceptance of the Alexander Nevsky submarine had been signed.

"The 130th nuclear-powered submarine, the Alexander Nevsky, joined the Navy today. This is the first serial submarine of Project 955 "Borei" designed at the St. Petersburg Rubin Maritime Design Bureau," Shoigu said.

"The designers, engineers and workers, everyone engaged in this project, have brilliantly accomplished their mission," he said.

Sevmash marked its 74th anniversary on December 21, Shoigu recalled.

"For many years the shipyard collective has been successfully building complex maritime vehicles and efficiently using the newest technologies," he said. "The shipyard has built 129 nuclear-powered submarines, which is more than any other shipyard of the world, during its long history."

"We value high our cooperation with Sevmash and expect it to be developed," the minister said. He congratulated the shipyard collective on the anniversary and the launch of the brand new missile submarine.

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