The London High Court has sentenced to 18 months former head of the Sibneft Siberian affiliate Fyodor Khoroshilov, accused of embezzling over $770 million from VTB Bank in Russia, the Kommersant newspaper reported.

"The London High Court returned the verdict to Khoroshilov on December 20 and found him guilty of violating the court order on freezing assets and of disrespecting the court," the newspaper reported.

In 2009 the same court arrested $245 million at Khoroshilov\'s accounts in various banks as well as shares of oil companies belonging to him, a restaurant in Tyumen, the Giant I yacht, the Boeing-737 plane, a Maybach, two villas in France and Italy (a mansion with 35 rooms at 7 hectares) etc. upon the lawsuit of the VTB bank, the newspaper reported.

However, the court determined that Khoroshilov sold the yacht evaluated at 12 million euro for $1 following its arrest, which obviously shows that the deal was fake, the Kommersant reported.

The defendant deliberately violated the court order freezing his assets around the world, which he signed having given an oath, a judge said during the court hearing.

Khoroshilov, warned about the court hearing beforehand, did not appear in court without a legitimate excuse, the judge said.

Thus, now if Khoroshilov arrives to the UK, he will be sent to prison for 18 months, the newspaper reported.

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