A unit of Sukhoi Su-25 fighter bombers has arrived at Russia's Kant Air Base in Kyrgyzstan, Central Military District spokesman Col. Yaroslav Roshchupkin told Interfax-AVN on Tuesday.

"A unit of Su-25 fighter bombers has completed its relocation to the Russian Air Base Kant today. The airplanes flew from Russia with a stopover in Kazakhstan for refueling. The unit includes a Su-25UB dual cockpit plane," Roshchupkin said.

"The new unit of Su-25 fighter bombers will help increase the intensity of the air base crews' flight training," the base's commander, Col. Igor Mordovkin, said.

In 2013, Kant Air Base crews took part in two international counterterrorism exercises, used unguided aircraft-launched missiles on more than 200 occasions, used aircraft guns on more than 300 occasions, and dropped some 80 bombs.

The average number of flight hours for the air base's pilots stands at 128, and 148 for young pilots.

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