Nadezhda Tolokonnikova said she is confident that the punk project Pussy Riot has now gone global.

"This project is now living separately from us and has taken various forms worldwide," Tolokonnikova told Interfax on Wednesday, responding to a question about the punk group's future music activities.

Tolokonnikova said the Pussy Riot members have musical ambitions.

"I would not rule out participation in musical experiments in the future, but I can't give any more details now. We thought about this issue, but we are currently not ready to tell journalists about it," she said.

Russia grants jailed Pussy Riot members amnesty

Russia will grant amnesty to the remaining jailed Pussy Riot band members, 30 Greenpeace activists and anti-government demonstrators arrested in May 2012 as part of a new amnesty bill passed by the parliament to mark the 20th anniversary of the country's first post-Soviet constitution. Read more>>>

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