The Ulan Ude aircraft plant of the Russian Helicopters Holding is creating a modification of the Mil Mi-8 helicopter to support the Russian forces deployed in the Arctic, plant chief engineer Sergei Solomin told reporters on Wednesday.

"The Arctic modification of the transport helicopter will have skids for landing on uncompacted snow and swampy terrain," Solomin told Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev visiting the plant.

"Spaceship technologies will be used to insulate the helicopter cockpit," he added.

The helicopter will have a power unit of approximately 30 kilowatt, which can provide cockpit heating or heat pilots' food, the chief engineer said. The Mi-8 Arctic modification will be using the traditional anti-icing system based on alcohol-containing mixtures.

The helicopter propulsion unit will be more powerful and it will be possible to climb even if one of the two engines fails.

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