Belarus and Russia will decide how much Russia will pay for using a Belarusian airbase near Baranovichi.

"Russia will pay for using the Belarusian airbase. The fee will be determined by an agreement between the two countries," Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov told a Friday press conference in Minsk.

"Such things are not done for free," he said. Russia will pay not only for using the runway and stands but also for electricity and water, he added.

"The airbase formation will be complete in 2014," Surikov said, noting that the first flight of Russian fighter jets had arrived at the airbase near Baranovichi.

Four modernized Sukhoi Su-27SM3 fighter jets arrived at the airfield of the 61st airbase in Baranovichi on December 9 and were put on duty. The Russian fighters will protect the airspace of the Russia-Belarus Union State together with Belarusian colleagues under the bilateral agreement on the establishment of a joint airbase.

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