Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a resolution on the establishment of the Shantar Islands National Park in the Khabarovsk territory, the Russian Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry said.

"The National Park aims to preserve the unique insular ecosystems of the Sea of Okhotsk, which combine the northern taiga, the highland tundra and indigenous flora," the report said.

The National Park consists of four sections, including the uninhabited Shantar Islands. It lies in the Tuguro-Chumikansky district of the Khabarovsk territory.

One may see rare animals and plants listed as endangered species in the Red Books of Russia and the Khabarovsk territory on the islands. There are also brown bear, fox, sable, stoat and otter populations and a high concentration of migratory birds, the routes and resting places of which are regulated with a number of international conventions on the protection of migratory birds and their habitat.

Salmon spawns in rivers of the Shantar Islands. An endangered fish species, rainbow trout, populates the Srednaya River.

Whales wander into the waters of the Shantar Islands. There are numerous rookeries of seals, walruses and sea lions on the shore.

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