Fifty-six people injured in two suicide bomb attacks in Russia's southern city of Volgograd on December 29 and December 30 are still being treated at hospitals in Volgograd, Moscow and St. Petersburg, a Health Ministry spokesman said.

"Fifty-five people are being treated at clinics in Volgograd and Moscow. Of the 33 people currently at Volgograd hospitals, one is in serious condition, another person is in moderately grave condition, and 31 are in satisfactory condition," the spokesman said.

Moscow clinics are treating 22 people, including three in critical condition, two in serious condition, seven in moderately grave condition, and ten in satisfactory condition, he said.

One person injured in Volgograd's explosions is currently at a hospital in St. Petersburg. He is in moderately grave condition.

"Sixteen people have already been discharged from hospitals in Volgograd, including five people in the past 24 hours. Another five are receiving outpatient treatment," the spokesman said.

The December 29 explosion at Volgograd's railway station and the December 30 terrorist attack on a trolleybus in the city claimed the lives of 34 people and left another 77 injured.

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