The Kalashnikov Concern of the Rostec State Corporation is due to sign an exclusive agreement with Russian Weapon Company (RWC) on the sidelines of the Shot Show 2014 in Las Vegas, the U.S., on January 14-17 with the purpose of the delivery of its sport and hunting rifles to the United States.

"Kalashnikov Concern Deputy General Director for Sales and Marketing Pavel Kolegov and RWC Group LLC General Director Thomas McCrossin will participate in the signing ceremony," says a concern report obtained by Interfax-AVN on Monday.

The exclusive dealer, RWC, enables Kalashnikov to sell up to 200,000 weapons to the United States a year, Kolegov said.

According to the report, Kalashnikov has been closely cooperating with RWC for two years.

About 90 percent of sport and hunting rifles exported by the concern went to the United States in 2013. "The exclusive contract will significantly broaden join operations and the range of products supplied by the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant," the report said.

Shot Show visitors can see most Kalashnikov products available in the United States - about 30 civilian weapons, among them popular Saiga shotguns, Los, Bars, Sobol and Rekord carbines and hunting rifles of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant - at the RWC stand.

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