A Russian court has ordered the arrest of businessman Sergei Polonsky in absentia, therefore Russian law enforcement authorities will continue insisting upon his extradition in spite of the Cambodian court ruling, a source from Russian law enforcement authorities told Interfax on Monday.

" Russian law enforcement authorities have charged Polonsky with a crime in absentia. A Russian court has ordered his arrest in absentia," the source said.

"This gives Russian law enforcement authorities a reason to continue insisting upon the extradition of S. Polonsky in order to guarantee a fair trial," the source emphasized.

Polonsky was imprisoned in Cambodia from December 31, 2012, until April 3, 2013, on the counts of violence against local sailors. He was facing up to three years in prison but the defense team came to an agreement with the sailors, who did not press charges and received compensation from Polonsky. The businessman was released with travel restrictions but his case was not closed.

Russia charged Polonsky in absentia on June 14, 2013, with fraud in the construction of the Kutuzovskaya Milya apartment block. Detectives said Polonsky "stole more than 5.7 billion rubles ($174.5 million) from the Kutuzovskaya Milya shareholders".

More than 80 citizens were recognized as injured parties. The Moscow Tverskoi Court ordered his arrest in absentia and it was announced at the court hearing that Polonsky had been put on the international most wanted list. The Moscow City Court upheld Polonsky's arrest in absentia on September 30.

Polonsky's detention in Cambodia became known on November 11. The Russian Prosecutor General's Office filed an extradition request with the Cambodian law enforcement authorities. The extradition hearing was delayed several times. Lawyer Alexander Karabanov said on November 25 that his client had been offered political asylum in several states, including the United States.

The extradition hearing was held on January 9, 2014. It was reported on January 13 that the Cambodian court had freed the businessman due to the absence of grounds for his extradition.

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