The Russian fishing trawler Novoazovsk, which has been detained in the Norwegian Sea, will again be examined by the Norwegian police on Tuesday.

The trawler is anchored in the Tromso port pending another examination and an interview with the captain, a representative of the Federal Fisheries Agency told Interfax.

"Further events will depend on the outcomes of these procedures. Anyway, the trawler will be able to return to the high seas soon," he said. Customarily, a ship owner pays a bail for the detained vessel, a Norwegian court takes up the case, and a vessel continues fishing, the source added.

"There are lawyers in Tromso who specialize in dealing with such cases," he said, noting that Russian fishermen regularly won similar disputes at court.

The Russian Embassy in Oslo is assisting in the resolution of the trawler situation.

The Novoazovsk trawler was detained in the Norwegian Sea. The captain was accused of breaching fishing regulations in the Norwegian economic zone, i.e. illegally dumping dead or dying fish overboard.

The captain explained the situation with "the accidental washing overboard of some fish through the broken starboard scupper grating."

A Norwegian ship escorted the Novoazovsk to Tromso for a detailed inquiry. The ship was not damaged, and its 45 crewmembers are in good health.

The Novoazovsk is registered in the Murmansk port and owned by the Arkhangelsk Trawler Fleet. It was built in 1976. The ship has a length of 70 meters, a width of 13 meters and a displacement of 2,500 tonnes.

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