The Senegalese authorities continue holding the Russian vessel Oleg Naydyonov, Sergei Gorbachev, deputy head of the public relations center of Rosrybolovstvo, told Interfax.

The vessel is still impounded and is located in the military port of Dakar.

The Senegalese parliament discussed the situation with the Russian trawler in a recent meeting. The Rosrybolovstvo official said some parliamentarians believe that harsh actions taken by the Senegalese authorities may negatively impact the development of relations between Russia and Senegal.

Gorbachev also said a decision on the issue of the seized trawler is expected to be made soon and the process is most likely hindered by the Senegalese Fishing Ministry.

The Oleg Naydyonov trawler was detained by Senegalese servicemen on January 3 in the Atlantic Ocean, 46 miles off the shore of Guinea-Bissau. The crew of the ship is comprised of 62 Russian citizens and 23 natives of Guinea-Bissau. Their detention was carried out without an explanation of the reasons behind it and the vessel was escorted to the military port of Dakar.

The Senegalese authorities claim that the Russian boat was fishing illegally in the economic zone of Senegal, while according to the Oleg Naydyonov's captain, the trawler was in the zone of Guinea-Bissau. Russia is preparing to file a lawsuit with the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg.

Russia's fisheries agency Rosrybolovstvo said that it felt that the incident was related to the growing competition for biological resources on the western coast of Africa.

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