Some 125,000 Muscovites have taken part in church services held in Moscow churches on Sunday, the press service for the Interior Ministry's Main Department for Moscow reported.

"Some 125,000 residents of Moscow took part in services conducted in 383 Orthodox churches and monasteries of Moscow on Sunday," the press service told Interfax.

Over 290,000 people took part in the Epiphany celebrations in Moscow in the past two days, the press service reported.

"Over 6,000 police officers, interior troops, and militiamen were involved in protecting public order and citizens' security," he said.

Ordinary miracle: Dipping in cold water to celebrate Orthodox Epiphany

This past weekend, when the temperature in Moscow reached -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit), hundreds of people came to Serebryany Bor (a large forest park in North-west Moscow) to dip in the capital’s biggest pool of water on the day of the Epiphany. View the video>>>
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