The Russian State Duma will not consider a bill declaring mass media outlets with foreign financing to be foreign agents - the authors of the draft law have withdrawn their initiative.

The bill was removed from the agenda at the State Duma plenary meeting on Tuesday upon the request of State Duma committee head Alexei Mitrofanov. "The authors have recalled their bill," Mitrofanov said.

The Lower Chamber has agreed with this.

The withdrawn bill was submitted by United Russia deputies Yevgeny Fyodorov, Anton Romanov and Magomed Selimkhanov in 2012.

The bill resembles the law recently passed declaring Russian non-governmental organizations with foreign grants to be foreign agents.

The draft law stipulated that mass media outlets, which receive funds or other property (exceeding 50% of own income) from foreign sources and which are engaged in covering political activities in Russia, should be recognized as foreign agents.

The production of such mass media outlets should have a stipulation that it was created and circulated in media by a foreign agent, an explanatory note to the bill said.

A relevant executive body authorized by the Russian government was to control the activities of such mass media outlets and compose an additional list of mass media outlets - foreign agents.

Fyodorov has told Interfax he was ready to continue pursuing that measures were taken to control the work of mass media outlets with foreign financing.

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